in the world of information technology
I will create a web presentation or e-shop for you and I will ensure its functioning.
I will manage your computer network, repair the technology, and buy a new one.
I will become your IT consultant.
Tvorba webovych stranok
website creation
I create and manage web projects written in HTML and PHP. I try to optimize your presentations according to your needs.
Správa počítačových sietí
management of networks
I manage client Windows stations and servers focusing on small and medium-sized companies as well as private individuals.
Oprava počítačov
repairing computers
I'm repairing broken computers and laptops, upgrading outdated. It is not always possible to do a miracle, but I will try to do it.
I manage computer networks for small and medium sized companies, repair computers - hardware and software, perform maintenance and cleaning of computers, install operating systems and programs, remove viruses ...
I create and manage corporate or personal websites and online stores. I run advertising campaigns for your projects. I advise on IT.
I work mainly in Bratislava and surroundings, but I can intervene anywhere in Slovakia.

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